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Union Pacifics Streamliners Book by Joe Welsh railroad train Union Pacific NICE!

Union Pacific’s Streamliners book by Joe Welsh. Nice sought after book in near mint condition! | eBay!

Source: Union Pacifics Streamliners Book by Joe Welsh railroad train Union Pacific NICE!

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Buying Marx Postwar Trains – Beginners Timeline & ID Guide | eBay

POSTWAR SERIES:Marx trains filled an area left open by Lionel and Flyer and other toymakers. Marx targeted that spot and`supplied the economical end of the toy and train market. This strategy would prove successful for Marx.

Marx would make profits even with low, affordable pricing, but with high quality construction, combined with high production and mass marketing. This practical policy would send Marx over the top as the world’s largest toy and train manufacturer in the 1950’s. Read More

Source: Buying Marx Postwar Trains – Beginners Timeline & ID Guide | eBay

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Model Trains Buying Guide | eBay

Trains make a rewarding hobby for enthusiasts of all ages. Children have played with toy trains for generations, where as older children and adults enjoy using accurate scale models to build detailed layouts based on historical places or whimsical fantasy. While the hobby can become intricate and involved, creating a simple layout or starting a collection need not intimidate the beginner. Read More

Source: Model Trains Buying Guide | eBay

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Top 10 Train Sets | eBay Buying Guide

Almost everyone loves model trains; the smoke, the sound, and the whimsical display of tiny people and places make this hobby one to share. The most important piece of the puzzle is the train set. Before building the minute landscape and little buildings, one must acquire a train set. Train set sizes differ, but this is a matter of the amount of room available for the set. Read More

Source: Top 10 Train Sets | eBay

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Across the USA by Train for Just $213

Turns out, you don’t need a car to see America.

Some wonderful pictures here and Derek’s memories of a wonderful trip.

Derek also offers excursion packages if you’re interested.

Source: Across the USA by Train for Just $213

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GATX – (GMTX) – Wikipedia

GATX Corporation (NYSEGATX) is an equipment finance company based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1898, GATX’s primary activities consist of railcar operating leasing in North America and Europe. In addition, GATX leases locomotives in North America, and also has significant investments in industrial equipment and marine assets, including ownership of the American Steamship Company, which operates on the Great Lakes. The CEO/Chairman is Brian A. Kenney.

GATX Corporation is divided into four business segments: Rail North America, Rail International, American Steamship Company (ASC), and Portfolio Management. Portfolio Management consists largely of the corporation’s non-rail and non-Great Lakes assets.[2]

GATX is one of several major North American rail operating lessors, and measured by fleet size, ranks as number two in this market behind GE Rail

Source: GATX – Wikipedia

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Photo - Modeling Tip Monday


A surge in summer traffic


For many railroads, summer was the busiest time of year for passenger service, as riders began their vacations down at the depot.

Before air conditioning and automobiles, life in a big city during hot weather wasn’t much fun, and the best way get out of town was by train. This put an extra load on popular scheduled trains, requiring additional cars, or additional sections to handle the overflow of long-distance vacation travelers.

The very wealthy might charter a private car, or simply arrange to use their own, which would transport them to the station nearest their summer home. Since these folks were usually owners, investors or important customers of the railroad, these movements were given the utmost care and attention.

Many railroads ran “fisherman’s specials” only during the summer season, taking vacationers to and from resort areas, some of which were owned and operated by the railroads themselves. Weekend getaways were also possible on trains to nearby lakes, beaches or amusement parks.

…read more

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Check out or your Reference Book for cars, locos, figures, luggage and more to handle the surge in summer business along your railroad!

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