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AMS On3/On30 D&RGW Short Caboose – On30 Annual

The short caboose was once the mainstay office and living quarters for train crews throughout the Rio Grande’s narrow gauge operations.

Source: AMS On3/On30 D&RGW Short Caboose – On30 Annual

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A surge in summer traffic


For many railroads, summer was the busiest time of year for passenger service, as riders began their vacations down at the depot.

Before air conditioning and automobiles, life in a big city during hot weather wasn’t much fun, and the best way get out of town was by train. This put an extra load on popular scheduled trains, requiring additional cars, or additional sections to handle the overflow of long-distance vacation travelers.

The very wealthy might charter a private car, or simply arrange to use their own, which would transport them to the station nearest their summer home. Since these folks were usually owners, investors or important customers of the railroad, these movements were given the utmost care and attention.

Many railroads ran “fisherman’s specials” only during the summer season, taking vacationers to and from resort areas, some of which were owned and operated by the railroads themselves. Weekend getaways were also possible on trains to nearby lakes, beaches or amusement parks.

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Check out or your Reference Book for cars, locos, figures, luggage and more to handle the surge in summer business along your railroad!

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Digitrax, Inc.

Digitrax is a full time professional company dedicated to bringing superior engineering, quality and affordability to model railroaders everywhere. The first time we ran a digital command control system we knew we couldn’t live without one but, we couldn’t afford it either. The Digitrax complete train control system is our answer for model railroaders who want to enjoy the excitement of the latest train control technology without taking out a second mortgage! The system is affordable and flexible. You can get started for a small initial expenditure with our Zephyr Xtra, Super Empire Builder Xtra or Super Chief Xtra Starter Sets and then expand as your needs and interests grow. Your system can be as simple or as advanced as you wish, IT’S UP TO YOU!

Source: Digitrax, Inc.

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Hot Wire Foam Factory

Foam cutting tools to cut Styrofoam and EPS foam Best prices for hot knife, hot wire cutters, foam cutters, bow cutters, foam sculpting tools. Foam coat and foam glue. Foam, foam sheets, foam blocks. Hot Wire Foam Factory tools are used for displays, party decorations, scenery terrain, railroad layouts, aquarium designs, VBS ideas, decorating, backdrops, photo props, movie props, cutting insulation foam, Department 56, Lemax, RC foam airplanes, gaming terrain, armatures, and mission kits.

Source: Hot Wire Foam Factory

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Railway Models | Superior Distinctive Kits and Materials

Railway Models provides other than the common kits and materials. All items are the highest quality. The source for scratch building and kit bashing supplies,Raised letters and numbers and Styrene materials. Minitrains HOn30 available.

Source: Railway Models | Superior Distinctive Kits and Materials

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