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“Welcome to Steamtown” One of four surviving Reading T1’s sits at the West end of Steamtown

"Welcome to Steamtown" One of four surviving Reading T1's sits at the West end of Steamtown greeting guests who visit the park. The unit shares this track with a matched set of Reading FP7's which are just behind the steam engine. -Steve Zachowski. 4/25/15

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CSX 8888 incident – Wikipedia

The CSX 8888 incident, also known as the Crazy Eights incident, was an CSX Transportation freight train in the U.S. state of Ohio in 2001. Locomotive #8888, an EMD SD40-2, was pulling a train of 47 cars including some loaded with hazardous chemicals, and ran uncontrolled for two hours at up to 51 miles per hour (82 km/h).[2] It was finally halted by a railroad crew in a second locomotive, which caught the runaway and coupled to the rear car.[3]

The incident inspired the 2010 motion picture Unstoppable.[4]


Source: CSX 8888 incident – Wikipedia

Rail fans make tracks to Midwest Railroad Preservation Society open house (photos, video)

Rail fans make tracks to Midwest Railroad Preservation Society open house (photos, video)

Midwest Railway Preservation Society open house draws hundreds of rail fans. …read more

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Keighley & Worth Valley Railway steams ahead with spectacular success

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway steams ahead with spectacular success

THOUSANDS of transport enthusiasts boarded historic trains enjoying this weekend’s Keighley & Worth Valley Railway’s Steam… …read more

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Photo - Modeling Tip Monday


A surge in summer traffic


For many railroads, summer was the busiest time of year for passenger service, as riders began their vacations down at the depot.

Before air conditioning and automobiles, life in a big city during hot weather wasn’t much fun, and the best way get out of town was by train. This put an extra load on popular scheduled trains, requiring additional cars, or additional sections to handle the overflow of long-distance vacation travelers.

The very wealthy might charter a private car, or simply arrange to use their own, which would transport them to the station nearest their summer home. Since these folks were usually owners, investors or important customers of the railroad, these movements were given the utmost care and attention.

Many railroads ran “fisherman’s specials” only during the summer season, taking vacationers to and from resort areas, some of which were owned and operated by the railroads themselves. Weekend getaways were also possible on trains to nearby lakes, beaches or amusement parks.

…read more

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Check out or your Reference Book for cars, locos, figures, luggage and more to handle the surge in summer business along your railroad!

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Photo - CP AC4400CW TRACE (CP 8500-series) as of July 6 2016



Photo by Wilco von Schoonoven



CP 8500 Arrived Toronto Yard,ON May 12

CP 8501 A Toronto Yard,ON January 22

CP 8502 A Montreal,Qc April 29

CP 8503 A Moose Jaw,SK April 19

CP 8504 A Calumet Yard,Il July 5

CP 8505 A Winnipeg,MB October 14

CP 8506 A North Vancouver,BC February 22

CP 8507 A Toronto Yard,ON February 16

CP 8508 A Montreal,Qc November 4

CP 8509 A Eastport,ID July 4

CP 8510 A Montreal,Qc August 31

CP 8511 A Montreal,Qc March 12

CP 8512 A Toronto Yard,ON June 2, 2015

CP 8513 A Calgary,AB April 14

CP 8514 A St-Paul,Mn May 19

CP 8515 A Alyth,AB June 29

CP 8516 A Alyth,AB April 23

CP 8517 A Toronto Yard,ON July 2

CP 8518 A Lasalle,Qc January 19

CP 8519 A West Toronto,ON July 5

CP 8520 A Montreal,Qc December 10

CP 8521 A Moose Jaw,SK June 3

CP 8522 A Alyth,AB July 1

CP 8523 A Montreal,Qc November 25

CP 8524 A Toronto Yard,ON June 17

CP 8525 A Kansas City,Mo June 4

CP 8526 A Toronto Yard,ON October 27

CP 8527/8619 Departed Oshawa,ON 20:49pm (Expressway)

CP 8528 A Moose Jaw,SK May 13

CP 8529 D Portage,MB 17:00pm

CP 8530 A Moose Jaw,SK 17:39pm

CP 8531 A Montreal,Qc May 1

CP 8532 A Alyth,AB April 22

CP 8533 A St-Paul,Mn April 27

CP 8534 A St-Paul,Mn May 24

CP 8535 A St-Paul,Mn May 10

CP 8536 A Toronto Yard,ON June 14

CP 8537 D Smiths Falls,ON 20:49pm(expressway)

CP 8538 A Montreal,Qc October 11

CP 8539 A St-Paul,Mn February 12

CP 8540 A Vancouver,BC June 30

CP 8541 A Toronto Yard,ON April 17

CP 8542 A Montreal,Qc November 5

CP 8543 A Montreal,Qc January 27

CP 8544 A Eastport,ID July 4

CP 8545 A Montreal,Qc April 1

CP 8546 A Toronto Yard,ON March 3

CP 8547 A Toronto Yard,ON April 13

CP 8548 A Montreal,Qc November 8

CP 8549 A Toronto Yard,ON October 30

CP 8550 A Glenwood,Mn 16:08pm

CP 8551 A Toronto Yard,ON December 30

CP 8552 A St-Paul,Mn July 5

CP 8553 A Montreal,Qc January 8

CP 8554 A Montreal,Qc November 17

CP 8555 A Toronto Yard,ON May 15

CP 8556 A Winnipeg,MB November 2

CP 8557 A Montreal,Qc November 4

CP 8558 A Alyth,AB 01:29am

CP 8559 A Winnipeg,MB October 16

CP 8560 A Calgary,AB May 1

CP 8561 A St-Paul,Mn July 1

CP 8562 A Toronto Yard,ON June 5

CP 8563 A St-Paul,Mn April 25

CP 8564 A Alyth,AB November 2

CP 8565 D Revelstoke,BC 19:08pm

CP 8566 A Montreal,Qc January 21

CP 8567 A Montreal,Qc April 14

CP 8568 A Toronto Yard,ON November 11

CP 8569 A Montana,AB August 18

CP 8570 A Alyth,AB June 2

CP 8571 A Alyth,AB May 1

CP 8572 A Alyth,AB November 4

CP 8573 A Montreal,Qc January 5

CP 8574 A Montreal,Qc March 9

CP 8575 A Montreal,Qc February 29

CP 8576 A Winnipeg,MB June 6

CP 8577 A Alyth,AB June 2, 2015

CP 8578 A Montreal,Qc November 1

CP 8579 D Fort Steele,BC 14:42pm

CP 8580 A Montreal,Qc October 20  …read more

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