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What I Learned on my Summer Adventure

by Madi Butler

As many of you know from following along with Summer by Rail, I have concluded my 24 destination, 50 day, 6,000 mile adventure. Not only was my time spent utilizing national and regional networks, I also experienced many multimodal and last mile solutions. While there are definitely nuances to which public transit solutions work best in which areas, there are some common themes I have noticed in my travels and I hope to spend my time as a Grassroots Organizer with RPA rectifying what I can and coalition building to address what will require additional support.

I would like to highlight a few experiences during my trip which made me increasingly aware of the challenges that lie ahead for us all.

Food Service On-Board: This is an experience that will take nuance, analytics, and foresight to rectify. I do understand the complaints from those who take long distance trips. I would like to see healthy meal options, less single use waste, diverse flavor profiles,